Services Available at Speech Unlimited LLC


Feeding and Swallowing Evaluations

  • Clinical assessment of eating functions including bottle/breastfeeding, spoon-feeding, chewing, swallowing, and feeding behaviors.

Speech and Language Evaluations

  • Clinical assessment of speech sound productions including speech clarity, and language development within the context of communication.

Customized Individual Treatment Sessions

  • Weekly personalized treatment sessions.
  • Intensive treatment sessions: 2 + per week or 8 sessions in two weeks followed by 7-14 days break.

Parent Training Sessions for Individualized Home Sessions

  • Teaching and coaching of parents to implement individualized home program.
  • Can be done in-person office visit or via Zoom online sessions.

Online Consultation

  • Available for parents who wish to meet Yichien to discuss their children’s therapy needs for the first time or as an ongoing monitoring meeting.